About That Jazz is a curriculum, written in a lesson plan format, that approaches jazz education in the aural tradition used by the masters of this art form. Jazz is a verbatim language and the language of jazz must be learned to help create the feeling of swing. Traditionally the jazz language was taught on the bandstand or in jam sessions with the masters performing while students of the music listened, observed, and imitated what they heard.

The challenge of any jazz curriculum is presenting information that was passed on to generations of musicians in a non-formal setting, to new ones. About That Jazz presents information and concepts in an innovative setting that encourages the “looseness” and/or “freedom” musicians developed in jam sessions. Additionally it will help students discover the beauty of self-expression that too often eludes them but is essential to the performance of jazz.

About That Jazz is organized as a modular curriculum with each module addressing a specific jazz education component. The lessons in the book include:

  • Lesson Plan Format
  • National Core Arts Standards
  • Common Core State Standards
  • Objectives
  • Review
  • Instructional Input
  • Vocabulary
  • Modeling
  • Assessments
  • Guided Practice
  • Independent Practice
  • Closure

This modular curriculum also includes performance exercises that can be easily incorporated into a daily warm-up. In addition, four full performance charts are included in this module. The module also has three levels of support for the teacher that appear in different colored text. Text appearing in black are instructions for the teacher, text appearing in the green box are instructions for the teacher to read directly to the students, and the blue text appearing next to the Jazz Notes Icon are teacher tips. In addition, various lesson components appear in various colored text boxes for quick identification and for ease of lesson organization. Click On the Teacher Support link below to note the example of instructional support:

Teacher Support

About That Jazz is  excited to work with you and to help you bring jazz education to young people. We look forward to hearing from you; enjoy the curriculum!